The primary areas of practice and some limited examples are:

Corporate & General Business Matters matters including formation of corporations and other business entities, such as LLC’s, Not-for-Profits, Sub-s, etc. Continued representation of the entities as counsel to the corporation involving such matters as employment agreements, shareholders agreements, contractual matters, general business matters, etc.

Public Housing Authorities, HUD Public Housing, Section 8, Affordable Housing Development, Troubled Agency recovery,  matters such as, Board representation, employment issues, HUD regulatory requirements associated with these programs, Board formation, rules legality, public bid requirements, HA operational matters, etc.

Real Estate Transactions matters such as buying or selling of real estate, matters involving property rights and related matters. Federal regulations, HUD subsidized housing.

Small Estate’s including drafting of Wills, Health Care Proxies, Power of Attorney.

Civil Matters

Although these are the primary areas of practice assistance may be provided for other issues you may need assistance with. If this office is unable to assist you with the particular matter, if requested, a referral can be provided to a lawyer that may be better able to assist you or to the appropriate Bar Association for information.