One Client at a Time.

Notice-Although this office does not regularly operate as a Real Estate Broker, as a licensed broker in New York State, the law requires certain minimum standardized procedures to be publically posted, as such please be advised that if this office acts as a real estate broker,

(i) prospective clients shall show identification;

(ii) an exclusive broker agreement is not required; and

(iii) pre-approval for a mortgage loan is not required.

Notwithstanding the preceding, such clients, if any, shall have the option to enter into an exclusive broker agreement and may provide a mortgage loan pre-approval at their discretion.

additionally, although not actively acting as a Broker, if such a relationship is contemplated, you will be provided with  DHR Notice opens pdf file PROVISION OF NOTICE BY HOUSING PROVIDERS OF TENANTS’ RIGHTS TO REASONABLE MODIFICATIONS AND ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES.

Adopted 4/14/2022